Petaluma Row

What an adventure!!! This weekend Justin Huskamp and I rowed 80 miles from San Francisco to Petaluma and back. The row was fast, scenic and cold. Saturday 40 mile row to SF to Petaluma Sunday 40 mile row to Petaluma to SF The flood tide began early morning Saturday so we left with it at 6:00am. The flood tide ended by 10:38 when we reached the Petaluma entrance. The counteracting ebb tide again... Read More

Planning Ama Dablam Climb

I am planning a trip to Ama Dablam, 22,349 feet. The year is unclear as I’m still in planning mode. Ama Dablam dominates the eastern sky for anyone trekking to Mount Everest basecamp, that’s when I first saw it and was captivated. It’s a gorgeous peak. The most popular route by far is the Southwest Ridge (right skyline in the photo). Climbers typically set up three camps alo... Read More

Everest Summit Day HD

HD footage from “ivegivenallican” (I’ve given all I can). Shows the the three most memorable parts of summit day, those being Hillary Step, South Summit and Everest Summit. I wish it showed the balcony — I have a pretty foggy memory of this spot and it would have been nice to see it again with a fully oxygenated mind. Everest is a different climb than any other mountain cli... Read More

Great White Sharks In The San Francisco Bay

The Graphic: The colors lines represent actual sharks from 2000-2008. The gray area represents the extrapolated ranging of all great whites in the area. There is no blow-up of the bay, but supposedly they roamed inside the Golden Gate. The Study: According to a Stanford University-led study released Tuesday, great white sharks occasionally stray from their Northern California feeding grounds for ... Read More

Example Of Functional Building Design

The horizontal surface of a gym floor is not the most efficient use of space. The underutilized vertical surface the side is a much more space efficient workout facility. Check out the architecture of this dorm at the University of Twente in the Netherlands by Arons and Gelauff Architects. This is definitely the product of designing and constructing spaces that reflect and functional, aesthetic a... Read More

Sacramento Row

Rowing has become a regular outlet for me. I row the wooden rowboats that the Dolphin Club of San Francisco makes available to members. All you have to do is join, take a rowing skills course, and you can row a boat that was built prior to WWII. Sound amazing? It is. Most of the boats were built in the Golden Era, this is the happy period between WWI and WWII. Many are Whitehall class wooden r... Read More

Planned Row To Sacremento

This Sat-Sun-Mon I will row 100-miles from San Francisco to Sacramento with Renee and Jon from the Dolphin Club. We will be rowing upstream in a 40-50 year old wooden rowboat. Day 1: San Francisco to Collinsville Day 2: Collinsville to Freeport Day 3: Freeport to Sacramento, drive home Needless to say I am SUPER EXCITED as I prepare myself for this thing. This trip will be the culmination of my ... Read More

Overheard in REI… “Mount Everest is very easy to climb, only just a little too high.”

The most common mountaineering question I get asked is “How was Everest”. It’s a hard question to answer with a phrase or two. It requires a great deal of hang waving a a certain amount of time to encapsulate a life changing event  where I risked my life, carried the body of a dead man, nearly plunged 3000 vertical feet down the Lhotse Iceface, made friendships that will last a ... Read More