In 2021 pieces of Mars will land safely on earth as part of Mars 2020. The Mars 2020 rover collects samples and leaves them in canisters on the surface. The lander deploys a fetch rover to collect the samples and deposit them in an ascent vehicle, which blasts into Mars orbit. There, a return orbiter collects the samples for transport back to Earth. Via planetary.org. ... Read More

SpaceX Falcon 9: How Elon Musk’s Rocket Is Winning the Reusability Race

This wonderful illustration from July 2019 National Geographic explains one of Elon Musk’s greatest space innovations – rocket reuse. Adding reusable technology reduces the payload and cost. In order to make the Falcon 9 reusable and return to the launch site, extra propellant and landing gear must be carried on the first stage, requiring around a 30-percent reduction of the maximum pa... Read More

10 Favorite PC Programs

Everything – desktop search
f.lux – dims screen hues at night
Faststone – screen capture
Webex – teleconferencing
Dropbox – file sharing synced across your computers
Ultramon – adds task bar to extended monitor
Microsoft security essentials – free virus protection
Evernote – note taking software for pc, web, and phone

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Tips For Applying To Wharton MBA

Here’s the advice I give when folks ask me for tips on applying to Wharton MBA.

GMAT prep courses are expensive and worth the money (I did Princeton, it cost a boatload)
Take lots of practice courses (I took over 20 practice exams and pretended like they were the real thing each time)
Try to get the first GMAT questions right, because those allow you to get to the hard questions ...

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