Meeting Roz Savage

I met the most prominent rower in the world today, Roz Savage. She’s the only woman to row across the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, all solo. She wrote a book about her Atlantic Crossing. She was in San Francisco this week to prepare her boat to row across the Atlantic. She was super kind, gave me a bunch of tips and wished Arctic Row well. I wished her well also, her rowing expeditio... Read More

Petaluma Row

What an adventure!!! This weekend Justin Huskamp and I rowed 80 miles from San Francisco to Petaluma and back. The row was fast, scenic and cold. Saturday 40 mile row to SF to Petaluma Sunday 40 mile row to Petaluma to SF The flood tide began early morning Saturday so we left with it at 6:00am. The flood tide ended by 10:38 when we reached the Petaluma entrance. The counteracting ebb tide again... Read More