Planned Row To Sacremento

8121_1168087160219_1169149814_30447692_3973962_nThis Sat-Sun-Mon I will row 100-miles from San Francisco to Sacramento with Renee and Jon from the Dolphin Club. We will be rowing upstream in a 40-50 year old wooden rowboat.

  • Day 1: San Francisco to Collinsville
  • Day 2: Collinsville to Freeport
  • Day 3: Freeport to Sacramento, drive home

Needless to say I am SUPER EXCITED as I prepare myself for this thing. This trip will be the culmination of my 2009 rowing season. I expect my hands and glute’s to be in tatters after this journey. Aside from the physical strain, the route is an adventure. We will be rowing upstream on trafficked shipping lane and using back-eddies to help us along. The plan is to have 2 people on the oars and 1 person steering. We will rotate at 20-minute intervals.

Published by Neal Mueller