Sacramento Row

Rowing has become a regular outletĀ for me. I row the wooden rowboats that the Dolphin Club of SanĀ Francisco makes available to members. All you have to do is join, take a rowing skills course, and you can row a boat that was built prior to WWII. Sound amazing? It is. Most of the boats were built in the Golden Era, this is the happy period between WWI and WWII. Many are Whitehall class wooden r... Read More

Planned Row To Sacremento

This Sat-Sun-Mon I will row 100-miles from San Francisco to Sacramento with Renee and Jon from the Dolphin Club. We will be rowing upstream in a 40-50 year old wooden rowboat. Day 1: San Francisco to Collinsville Day 2: Collinsville to Freeport Day 3: Freeport to Sacramento, drive home Needless to say I am SUPER EXCITED as I prepare myself for this thing. This trip will be the culmination of my ... Read More