eBay Adds to Machine Learning Hype

Earlier this week I blogged about 5 simple questions you can ask to determine AI hype. Today I saw something with more hype than I would expect from a respected tech company. “eBay determines this price through a machine learned model of the product’s sales prices within the last 90 days.” In my opinion this price prediction is not machine learning. It’s just math. ItR... Read More

Simple questions you should ask to help reduce AI hype

As Machine Learning captures our imagination, it’s important to separate the material from the hype. Here are 5 simple questions you should ask to help reduce AI hype: “How much training data is required?” “Can this work unsupervised (= without labelling the examples)?” “Can the system predict out of vocabulary names?” (i.e. Imagine if I said “My fr... Read More

Analysis of 250 SaaS Pricing Pages

This guy analyzed 250 SaaS pricing pages — here’s what he found: The average number of packages is three and a half 50% highlight a package as the best option 69% of companies sell the benefits 81 percent organize prices low to high 38 percent list their most expensive package as ‘Contact us’ The most common call to action is ‘Buy Now’ 36 percent don’t use a contrasting CTA color... Read More

Clever Red Bull advertising in hexadecimal

Want to know how to spell “Red Bull gives you wiiings.” in hexadecimal? Check out these two red bull advertisement in silicon valley. Here’s a hex to text converter to see for yourself. It’s not a recruiting ad, because this is the only job they have in SF. Must be just advertising to thirsty programmers. I love it. 52 65 64 20 42 75 6c 6c 20 67 69 76 65 73 20 79 6f 75 20... Read More

Apple Confidential – Steve Jobs on “Think Different” – Internal Meeting Sept. 23, 1997

Video of internal 1997 meeting 2-months after Jobs returned to Apple. Sets the vision as something other than speeds and feeds. Launches the brand for the next 15-years, which you can see even today. The 1997 ‘Think Different’ billboards are reminiscent of the 2015 ‘Shot on Iphone 6’ billboards. Worth the 16 minutes if you’re interested in product strategy. [via Mi... Read More

Appreciating Willard Brinton’s data visualization

Excerpt from 100 years of Brinton, a website devoted to appreciating data visualization author Willard Brinton. I passionately believe Brinton should be as well known as other pioneers of data visualisation (Playfair,Priestley, Minard) and modern authors (Few, Tufte, Cairo) I agree. Below is an image from Brinton’s book, which is more about data visualization than about ocean liners, but I ... Read More

Requests for Startups

Excerpt from Y-Combinator article on ideas for new startups. [source: YCombinator Blog] —- Enterprise Software – Software used by large companies is still awful and still very lucrative. Category-defining enterprise software companies will emerge to solve problems for every vertical, every business size, and every job function. Here are 3 specific areas we think are particularly interesti... Read More

Lapview is progressing well…

We have our own domain, industrial design CAD, point-of-sale packaging CAD, logo, trademark, patent-pending, working prototypes, and are currently under due diligence by some of the largest watch and fitness companies in the world. We *even* broke down and created a Facebook Page. Now you can “like” us. Lapview is a sensor that counts laps for swimmers. In the future it will communicat... Read More

Martini Recipe Advertisement

This formula means 3.5 shots of gin and half a shot of vermouth over 4 parts H2O3 (water cubed = ice), finished off with three stirs (the 3×360°). source: Parker pen ran an advertising campaign in the early 1970s, simply showing a hand using a Parker Pen to write the following ‘mathematical’ formula on a piece of paper. ... Read More