Analysis of 250 SaaS Pricing Pages

This guy analyzed 250 SaaS pricing pages — here’s what he found: The average number of packages is three and a half 50% highlight a package as the best option 69% of companies sell the benefits 81 percent organize prices low to high 38 percent list their most expensive package as ‘Contact us’ The most common call […]

Clever Red Bull advertising in hexadecimal

Want to know how to spell “Red Bull gives you wiiings.” in hexadecimal? Check out these two red bull advertisement in silicon valley. Here’s a hex to text converter to see for yourself. It’s not a recruiting ad, because this is the only job they have in SF. Must be just advertising to thirsty programmers. I love […]

Apple Confidential – Steve Jobs on “Think Different” – Internal Meeting Sept. 23, 1997

Video of internal 1997 meeting 2-months after Jobs returned to Apple. Sets the vision as something other than speeds and feeds. Launches the brand for the next 15-years, which you can see even today. The 1997 ‘Think Different’ billboards are reminiscent of the 2015 ‘Shot on Iphone 6’ billboards. Worth the 16 minutes if you’re interested in […]