Animal lifespan is a billion heart beats

The North Carolina State University Heart Project studied 322 species of animals and concluded that animals get about a billion heartbeats per lifetime. Humans get the most heartbeats per lifetime, about 2.5 billion.

Human athletes have slower resting heart rates, which likely correlates with longevity. Caffeine makes our hearts beat faster––I wonder how many years it’s shaving off.

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Tricking your brain to learn more

Mark Rober suggests we focus learning on the success, and ignore failures. Like a toddler learning to walk, who doesn’t remember the falls, and only focuses on the steady progression toward walking. Since I’m a mountain climber, his diagram reminds me about the camps we establish on mountains. The concept is the same.

Unattributed, and not mine.

Mark did a TEDx talk at my alma mater.

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