change is like an adrift starfish. a floating starfish seems free. to the starfish it’s agony other wall stuck starfish say, “that starfish is fortunate for the change”. these other starfish are glad they’re not adrift. the moral is never stick to a wall, to avoid the risk the pain of coming unstuck. that’s no […]

Three Advantages Of Being Single

You can stretch out in bed. More time for friends and startups (like Lapview and 10DL). According to NPR, recently single men typically enjoy an immediate standard of living increase… Yep. The advertisement below is funny, although I’d pick an M3 or RS4 over the Dodge Charger. …

How I Came To Get Mauled By A Dog

On Sunday at 9AM I walked past my front window and noticed that my cat was staring at a gorgeous Amber German Shepard standing in the street outside my house. What I did not know was that 5 minutes later this gorgeous animal would maul me and send me bleeding to the Hospital Emergency Room. […]

Should I Raise Ducks In The Backyard?

[Update] It is not illegal to raise chickens in San Mateo, California. No word on ducks. [Update] My current preferred duck species is the Khaki Campbell (pictured below). They are good in the water, are hardy and lay more eggs than a chicken. I do not know how loyal they are. I want to raise […]

Goal = Get iPhone

Huge news, I got my sweet invited into the Cisco corporate iPhone pilot. I’m pretty excited, but am also leery that as soon as I get this iPhone 3GS the iPhone 4G will launch and make my new fancy gadget look like a stone. While the cartoon is funny, here’s my thoughts on it. 3GS […]