Licensing Cash Flow

This is a graph based on aggregate data derived from “How To License Technology“. I was reading this book in prep to license a “garage project” of mine called Lapview. Below the graph is a picture of me presenting Lapview at a conference in Calgary. About Project Graph: At Wharton we’re taught that everything can be graphed. This is my attempt to graph my goings-on. ... Read More

BMW M3 Power Curve

With the V8 engine (420 horsepower @ 8400 rpm), this M-series coupe produces as much power as a standard BMW (230 horsepower) at half the maximum RPM. The M3 is also more powerful than the Porsche Cayman S (320 hp), although the M3 is 1000 pounds heavier. The BMW M3 can to 0-60mph in 4.1 seconds, which is fast, but it’s not the biggest, fastest or strongest. For example, a Boeing 747 has 87... Read More

Example Hiring “Negotiation Dance”

UPDATE: Thanks to Professor Maurice Schweitzer who corrected my negotiation dance chart, it’s updated below. Example Compensation Package Components: Work culture conditions (e.g. WFH, dogs at work) Boss Title Salary MBO’s/bonus/commission Health Benefits Stock (e.g. equity, options, RSU) Pension/401k Vacation Unusual Perks for Employees (e.g. laundry, dog daycare) Example Negotiation... Read More