Example Hiring “Negotiation Dance”

UPDATE: Thanks to Professor Maurice Schweitzer who corrected my negotiation dance chart, it’s updated below. Example Compensation Package Components: Work culture conditions (e.g. WFH, dogs at work) Boss Title Salary MBO’s/bonus/commission Health Benefits Stock (e.g. equity, options, RSU) Pension/401k Vacation Unusual Perks for Employees (e.g. laundry, dog daycare) Example Negotiation... Read More

My Gasoline Cost Per Year

UPDATE: I changed electric data-point due to excellent comment by Dr. Adam. Assumptions $2.99 per gallon of gasoline (source: Dept of Energy, west coast average including CA) 17,976 miles driven per year (source: Federal Hwy Administration, 32 year old male) About Project Graph: At Wharton we’re taught that everything can be graphed. This is my attempt to graph my goings-on. ... Read More

Facebook Friend Locations

Docs.com allows you to chart your Facebook friends. Even thought I grew up in Minnesota it looks like I socialize a lot more with people from the coasts. This makes sense since I went to school out east and work in the west. Thanks to Pete at www.openheatmap.com for making this based on my Facebook friend locations: About Project Graph: At Wharton we’re taught that everything can be graphed. T... Read More

Crowdsourcing Revolutionizes Labor Costs

I’m always interested in news ways of getting work done. Crowdsourcing is definitely new. It employs the power of the internet to find thousands (even millions) of workers to complete large but simple projects. Example are: sales force example: add twitter links and company names to a list of contact leads website example: removing explicit images from a website ecommerce example: improving... Read More