My iPhone Locations since June 2010

If you haven’t heard yet, your iPhone creates a record of all the places you go, and the information is stored in a database on your computer whenever you sync with iTunes. Tracking started June 2010 with software IOS version 4. Before June 2010 the iPhone was not tracking your location.

If you sync your iPhone to someone else’s computer they might have your location data on their computer. My roommate charges his phone on my computer and I have his location information on my computer–not cool.

In the past week since the location database was discovered people have written visualization programs. Here are three.

PC: –created the visualization above


Another Mac One:

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Recovery Is As Important As The Workout [part 2]

Part 1 showed a single workout. Part 2 shows the affects of repeated workouts.

According to Mens Journal [link], supercompensation is the secret to getting more from each workout in less time. On the one hand, if you workout too much your muscles will not recover instead becoming continually weaker. On the other hand if you workout too infrequently your body will regress back to baseline, and you will never improve.

About Project Graph: At Wharton we’re taught that everything can be graphed. This is my attempt to graph my goings-on.

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