A couple times a week I row open water wooden rowboats and open water shells on the San Francisco Bay. My destination and boat depends on the weather. I occasionally row paddle boards and kayaks.

Rowing is a funny sport: seated and facing backwards. It’s a nice sport because you’re always on the water; however we’re often wet and cold as a result of being on the water. Just like climbing and swimming, rowing has tangible goals and definitive destinations. I like sports where you know when you are done and you have a tangible sense of accomplishment related to your achievement.

My rows always have a destination in mind, and barring bad weather, or encountering an injured duckling that needs to be taken to shore, I seldom turn the boat around until I reach my goal. Like climbing and swimming, I have adventurous rowing goals.


  • 2009. SF -> Sacramento (100 miles oneway) – 3 days. With Jon and Darren.
  • 2010. SF -> Petaluma (80 miles roundtrip) – 2 days. With Justin.
  • 2011. SF -> Oakland (16 miles roundtrip) – 1 day. Solo.
  • 2012. Inuvik, Canada -> Point Hope, Alaska across Arctic Ocean (1000 miles oneway) – 41 days. 4 man team. Earned Guinness World Record for “Farthest Open Water Arctic Ocean Row”
  • 2013. SF -> Oakland (16 miles roundtrip) – 1 day. Solo.
  • 2014. SF -> Napa (50 miles oneway) – 2 days. With Barry.


  • Atlantic Ocean (3000 miles oneway) – 75 days
  • SF -> Farallon Islands (70 miles roundtrip) – 1 day
  • SF -> Half Moon Bay (70 miles roundtrip) – 2 days
  • SF -> Tomales Bay (120 miles roundtrip) – 2 days