The Charts That Changed the World [via HBR]

Harvard Business Review has an excellent article on graphs this month (December 2011). Here’s a picture of the article I took in Los Angeles airport while on a trip for ArcticRow to meet Scott Mortensen. And here’s a PDF I found via google in the HBR Archives: Visual Statement.

About Project Graph: At Wharton we’re taught that everything can be graphed. This is my attempt to graph my goings-on.

House Art Event Recap

Our house threw a house event featuring artists from across SF last Saturday, October 22. Not your typical house party. It was fun seeing people milling about, buying artwork, tasting tequila, talking to the musicians and having an awesome San Francisco summer night. Nice to see you all again. Come back again soon.

Pictures here. Video below.

Drinks Sponsors
Los Osuna Tequila
RockWall Wines
Monster Energy Drink

Painters – artists painted a piece of artwork at the party and were voted on at the end of the night
Ian Ross (winner)
Perry David Tennyson
Arthur Milestone
Gina Jacupke

Richard Habib

Musical Performances
JT Quillen III (acapelist)
The Family Crest (9-piece indie orchestral rock band)