Planned Row To Sacremento

This Sat-Sun-Mon I will row 100-miles from San Francisco to Sacramento with Renee and Jon from the Dolphin Club. We will be rowing upstream in a 40-50 year old wooden rowboat. Day 1: San Francisco to Collinsville Day 2: Collinsville to Freeport Day 3: Freeport to Sacramento, drive home Needless to say I am SUPER EXCITED as I prepare myself for this thing. This trip will be the culmination of my ... Read More

My experience with Lasik (surgery #2)

Tangible Goal = improve my sight so I can work into the night without my eyes going blurry. Some of my friends have asked me how Lasik went. It went well. Last Friday I got my got Lasik on my eyes for the second time. Originally I was +3 (farsighted). After my first Lasik I was +1.5. Now with my second surgery I’m intended to be zero, or without prescription. This means I can work later into... Read More

Overheard in REI… “Mount Everest is very easy to climb, only just a little too high.”

The most common mountaineering question I get asked is “How was Everest”. It’s a hard question to answer with a phrase or two. It requires a great deal of hang waving a a certain amount of time to encapsulate a life changing event  where I risked my life, carried the body of a dead man, nearly plunged 3000 vertical feet down the Lhotse Iceface, made friendships that will last a ... Read More

Book: Absinthe and Flamethrowers

I picked up a book today called Absinthe & Flamethrowers: Projects and Ruminations on the Art of Living Dangerously. It’s an exploration of a single, important question: Are people who take risks happier than those who do not? Bill says they are. I agree. What did not resonate. Bill Gurstelle is a fellow Minnesotan, but a solely different kind of “adventurer”. His book is osten... Read More

[Update] Book: Born to Run

In my previous blog post I mentioned that runners are more likely to get injured in expensive shoes than in less expensive shoes, and even less likely to get injured running barefoot. Customers are spending money to hurt themselves. This is based on Christopher McDougall’s research in the book Born To Run. A few of my friends have suggested that people that buy expensive running shoes are more... Read More

Maui Jungle Flora

We went on a day hike on a plantation in North Maui. Along the way we found waterfalls, a swimming hole and some very interesting plants. One plant featured protective leaves that turn inward to protect itself from insects, and another had a flower that tasted exactly like mushrooms. If you have help me identify these plants I’d love it. ... Read More

How to Prepare for the 7 Summits

7 Tips to Begin Preparations for the 7 Summits Climb lots of other mountains first, the kind with snow at the top Start now, life will only get busier and your ability acclimatize decreases with age Be prepared to climb a couple of them twice. I was fortunate to summit each on my first try, this is rare Read Into Thin Air, Freedom of the Hills Buddy-up with a climbing partner who shares your val... Read More